Specialty Track Study Guides
P1-2The CAP Guide to Effective CommunicationsDA
P1-10Suggested Best Practices for Including Individuals with Special NeedsCP
P3Guide to CAP ProtocolCOP
P4Event Planner GuidePD
P5Civil Air Patrol Written History Self-Study GuidePD
P6Civil Air Patrol Oral History Self-Study GuidePD
P39-3Awards Made EasyDP
P40-2Just In Time Workbook for New Unit CommandersCC
P40-20Inspector General - Specialty Track Study GuideIG
P40-40Professional Development Officer - Specialty Track Study GuidePD
P50-2CAP Core ValuesPD
P50-4Level 1 OrientationPD
P50-6Region Staff College Curriculum GuidePD
P50-7Mentoring: Building Our MembersPD
P50-8Civil Air Patrol Mentor's GuidePD
P50-9Organizational Excellence Program Handbook OE 2.0PD
P50-1Aerospace Education Officer Handbookae
P50-10New Horizons-Guide for Cadet to Senior Member TransitionPD
P50-2AEO Aerospace Education Officer - Specialty Track Study Guideae
P52-4National Cadet Competition Curriculum GuideCP
P52-5The Congressional AwardCP
P52-7Cadet Orientation Flight SyllabusCP
P52-8CAP Unit Honor Guard ProgramCP
P52-9Cadet Great StartCP
P52-19Cadet Advisory Council GuideCP
P52-21Cadets at School-Program Overview for EducatorsCP
P60-12Parents' Guide to the CAP Cadet ProgramCP
P60-14First Talk GuideCP
P60-15Cadet Protection Policy Implementation GuideCP
P60-20New Cadet GuideCP
P60-31Cadet Staff HandbookCP
P60-32Cadet Staff Duty Analysis GuideCP
P60-33Drill and CeremoniesCP
P60-40Cadet Orientation Flight Program GuideCP
P60-40Cadet Orientation Flight Powered SyllabusCP
P60-40Cadet Orientation Flight Glider SyllabusCP
P60-40Cadet Orientation Flight Balloon SyllabusCP
P60-41Cadet Cyber & STEM Recognition Programsae
P60-50Active Cadet Fitness GuideCP
P60-70Cadet Encampment GuideCP
P60-71Cadet Encampment HandbookCP
P60-72.1Required Staff Training - InstructorsCP
P60-72.2Required Staff Training - StudentsCP
P70-3Emergency Services Specialty Track GuideDOS
P71-4Air Force Approved Proficiency Flight ProfilesDO
P71-5Self-Conducted Proficiency Flight ProfilesDO
P110-1Federal Statutes Affecting CAP - Requisition from GC - outside govGC
P151Respect On DisplayCP
P152Social Media GuidelinesPA
P200Personnel - Specialty Track Study GuideDP
P201PAO Public Affairs Officer - Specialty Track Study GuidePA
P202Financial Management - Specialty Track Study GuideFM
P203IG Inspector General - Specialty Track Study GuideIG
P204 now 40-PDO Professional Development Officer - Specialty Track Study GuidePD
P205Administration - Specialty Track Study GuideDA
P206Logistics Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideLG
P211Operations Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideDO
P212Standardization/Evaluation Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideDO
P214Communications Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideDOK
P216Cadet Programs - Specialty Track Study GuideCP
P217Safety Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideSE
P219Legal Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideGC
P221Chaplain - Specialty Track Study GuideHC
P221ASquadron Chaplain - Technician Level CourseHC
P221BGroup and Wing Chaplain - Senior Level CourseHC
P221CRegion Chaplain - Master Level CourseHC
P222Command - Specialty Track Study GuidePD
P223Historian - Specialty Track Study GuidePD
P225Character Development Instructor - Specialty Track Study GuideHC
P226Recruiting and Retention Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideDP
P227Information Technology Officer - Specialty Track Study GuideDIT
P265-2FLIGHT TIME: Values for Living-Character Development for CAP CadetsCP