P1-22016-11-07The CAP Guide to Effective CommunicationsDA
P1-102017-09-01Suggested Best Practices for Including Individuals with Special NeedsCP
P21991-10-15CAP ELT/EPIRB SearchDOS
P32014-02-06Guide to CAP ProtocolCOP
P42020-06-26Event Planner GuideET
P52014-07-17Civil Air Patrol Written History Self-Study GuideET
P62014-07-17Civil Air Patrol Oral History Self-Study GuideET
P10-12020-03-02Commander Directed Investigation GuideGC
P10-32019-11-18Legal Resources for CommandGC
P20-12020-03-02Command Directed Investigator's GuideIG
P35-32019-11-22The CAP Guide To Membership Termination Appeal HearingsDP
P39-32010-06-17Awards Made EasyDP
P40-22018-12-01Just In Time Workbook for New Unit CommandersET
P40-202018-01-15Specialty Track Study Guide - Inspector GeneralIG
P40-402017-05-16Specialty Track Study Guide-Professional Development OfficerET
P40-1102020-07-21Historian Specialty Track (Study Guide)HO
P50-12018-08-21Aerospace Education Officer HandbookAE
P50-22018-08-20Aerospace Education Specialty Track GuideAE
P50-42015-10-05Level 1 OrientationET
P50-62014-11-01Region Staff College Curriculum GuideET
P50-72004-12-01Mentoring: Building Our MembersET
P50-82013-04-19Civil Air Patrol Mentor's GuideET
P50-92013-04-19Organizational Excellence Program Handbook OE 2.0ET
P50-102010-12-09New Horizons-Guide for Cadet to Senior Member TransitionET
P52-42015-02-20National Cadet Competition Curriculum GuideCP
P52-52015-11-18The Congressional AwardCP
P52-82013-04-02CAP Unit Honor Guard ProgramCP
P52-92009-11-03Cadet Great StartCP
P52-192013-04-02Cadet Advisory Council Guide (Includes Change 1, 2 Apr 13)CP
P52-212014-06-01Cadets at School-Program Overview for EducatorsCP
P60-112019-10-01Cadet Programs Officer Handbook and Specialty Track GuideCP
P60-122020-02-20Parents' Guide to the CAP Cadet ProgramCP
P60-142018-02-01First Talk GuideCP
P60-152019-11-01Cadet Protection Policy Implementation GuideCP
P60-202019-05-08New Cadet GuideCP
P60-312016-11-09Cadet Staff HandbookCP
P60-322018-02-01Cadet Staff Duty Analysis GuideCP
P60-332016-08-05Drill and CeremoniesCP
P60-342019-11-01Drill and Ceremonies Practical TestsCP
P60-402018-10-18Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide - CombinedCP
P60-402018-10-18Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide Appendix 1- Gliders OnlyCP
P60-402018-10-18Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide Appendix 2- Powered OnlyCP
P60-402018-10-18Cadet Orientation Flight Program Guide Appendix 3- Balloon OnlyCP
P60-412018-08-07Cyber and STEM RecognitionCP
P60-432019-11-01Cadet Wings Student GuideCP
P60-502018-02-01Active Cadet Fitness GuideCP
P60-702019-11-01Cadet Encampment GuideCP
P60-712017-03-01Cadet Encampment HandbookCP
P60-722018-02-12Required Staff Training Vol 1: InstructorsCP
P60-722018-02-12Required Staff Training Vol 2: StudentsCP
P70-32018-03-05Emergency Services Specialty Track GuideDOS
P70-42019-02-20Guide to FAA ExemptionsDO
P70-102020-03-31Aviators Code of ConductDO
P70-112020-03-31Aircrew Code of ConductDO
P70-122020-03-31Pilot OnboardingDO
P80-32019-10-07Core Values for Senior MembersHC
P80-42020-04-03CAP Five Pillars of Wellness and ResilienceHC
P110-12020-07-21Civil Air Patrol Written History GuideHO
P110-22020-07-21Managing Historical RepositoriesHO
P1512009-04-01Respect On DisplayCP
P1522016-01-04Social Media GuidelinesPA
P1632019-09-30Safety Assurance and Continuous ImprovementSE
P170-12019-10-30CAP Comprehensive Response PlanXP
P170-12019-10-30Consolidated Response Plan ChecklistsXP
P2002014-07-25Specialty Track Study Guide-PersonnelDP
P2012016-10-31Specialty Track Study Guide-Public Affairs OfficerPA
P2022012-06-22Specialty Track Study Guide-Financial ManagementFM
P2052015-11-05Specialty Track Study Guide-AdministrationDA
P2062013-04-18Specialty Track Study Guide-Logistics OfficerLG
P2112013-12-05Specialty Track Study Guide-Operations OfficerDO
P2122017-12-04Specialty Track Study Guide-Standardization/Evaluation OfficerDO
P2142016-04-06Specialty Track Study Guide-Communications OfficerDOK
P2172020-03-13Specialty Track Study Guide-Safety OfficerSE
P2192015-07-15Specialty Track Study Guide-Legal OfficerGC
P2212011-04-06Specialty Track Study Guide-Chaplain (Includes Change 1, 7 Mar 12)HCA
P221A2016-06-10Technician Level Course: The Basic Chaplain Course, The Squadron ChaplainHCA
P221B2016-06-10Senior Level Course: The Wing Chaplain Course, The Group and Wing ChaplainHCA
P221C2016-06-10Master Level Course: The Senior Chaplain Course, The Region ChaplainHCA
P2222013-04-17Specialty Track Study Guide - CommandET
P2252016-02-19Specialty Track Study Guide-Character Development InstructorHCA
P2262005-05-26Specialty Track Study Guide-Recruiting and Retention OfficerRR
P2272013-02-14Specialty Track Study Guide-Information Technology OfficerIT
P265-22014-11-18FLIGHT TIME: Values for Living-Character Development for CAP CadetsHC
P265-22013-08-05FLIGHT TIME: Values for Living - Lesson Plan Worksheet - PDFHC
P265-22013-08-05FLIGHT TIME: Values for Living - Lesson Plan Worksheet - WordHC